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Lolo Natural Sunscreen

Lolo Natural Sunscreen

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Lolo et Moi - Made in Quebec


Hypoallergenic Z-Cote Micronized  Zinc Oxide that won't break down in the sun.

This mineral and natural treatment offers increased physical protection during sun exposure. It is designed for all skin types , even the most fragile. Enjoy the summer without compromise!

  • Lightly scented with the Lolo fragrance that we love so much!
  • Broad spectrum SPF 45 against UVA and UVB rays;
  • 100% mineral;
  • Easy to apply satin finish;
  • Perfect for the whole family from the age of 6 months;
  • Water resistant 80 minutes;
  • Completely biodegradable;
  • Without nanoparticles;
  • Designed with La Belle Excuse olive oil to moisturize and soften the skin,  in addition to promoting skin elasticity;
  • Recognized for its relaxing and calming properties, chamomile flower nourishes and soothes the skin;
  • Rich in antioxidants, raspberry kernel oil is ideal for sensitive and delicate skin;
  • Avocado oil is rich in antioxidants and helps protect skin from UV rays.
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