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New Arrivals

Baby Clothing

Breathable and durable fabrics featuring popular prints and styles. Keeping baby comfortable is always the top priority when designing or curating the pieces we carry.

Breastfeeding Essentials

Maternity Clothing

The best maternity basics to keep you comfortable

Baby Blankets, Cribsheets + Loveys

Pregnancy + Postpartum Care

Sweaters for Mom

Chic and Functional Diaper Bags

Itzy Ritzy's stylish designs cater to busy parents with spacious interiors, removal changing pads, and stroller straps.

Great Pretenders Boutique Jewelry

A meticulously curated selection of necklaces, bracelets, headbands and hair accessories.

Stuffed Animals + Loveys

Pieces so huggable and soft that you simply can’t resist loving them. Built to meet the highest quality and safety standards to ensure that they are a friend for life for your little one.

Piggy Paint

Baby Accessories

From sunglasses to bows to bibs, we've got you covered!

Veille Sur Toi Glass Night Lights

Glass is a safe material and much stronger than you would think. It is an ideal material to design night lights because unlike porcelain, glass does not get hot to the touch for the little ones.

Each piece is carefully handmade in Quebec. The nightlight will still be beautiful and keep its colours and details in 50 years!

Pacifiers + Teethers