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LED BULB - 0.3 WATT - For glass nightlight -Veille Sur Toi

LED BULB - 0.3 WATT - For glass nightlight -Veille Sur Toi

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Veille sur toi is proud to offer you the possibility of adding an LED bulb to your night light!

After several months of research, we had these bulbs custom made so that the light is perfect! Warm and soft, like an incandescent, but with all the advantages of LED bulbs: much longer life, not hot to the touch, lower energy costs, almost no heat generated.

This LED bulb is 0.3 watts, which is equivalent to about 5 watts incandescent.

Note that the light emitted is very similar to the one currently emitted by our 5 watt incandescent bulbs. The glow is sufficient to lighten the room slightly. As an example, you could read to a child beside the glow.

As an indication, the price of LED bulbs in hardware store varies around 8.00$ - 9.00$.

Your nightlight will be just as charming and caring as before, while being more ecological and durable!


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