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Wooden Stacking Toy

Wooden Stacking Toy

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Made in Canada

The wooden stacking pyramid toy is a traditional toy beloved by kids of all the time. This stacking toy is also designed for children to rock back and forth in order to get it around. The self-balancing mechanism always keeps it in a standing position.

Made with solid wood, each detail of this ring stacker are carefully sanded with my own hands.

Purpose: teach how to distribute objects according to certain criteria, help in the development of coordination and logical thinking. It also helps to develop motor skills. The toy is a good combination of entertainment and the Montessori educational method.

Size: 9 cm* 9 cm* 11cm This tot size stacker toy makes a perfect gift for baby shower or birthday.

Age Recommendation: 1+ year old kids

Care instructions: Do not immerse in water. Use lightly damp cloths to wipe the wooden toys.

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