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Nested Bean Zen Swaddle Sleep Sack (Classic - Grey)

Nested Bean Zen Swaddle Sleep Sack (Classic - Grey)

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Nested Bean Swaddle Sleep Sack 

Size: 0-6months

About:  The gently weighted Zen Swaddle calms like your embrace by providing comforting pressure where babies are naturally held. This feeling of being held prevents startles, aids self-soothing, and results in deeper periods of sleep so essential for healthy development.


▪ Made with 100% natural cotton fabric.

▪ 2 swaddles in 1. Inner pouch and outer sack adapts to your newborn's growing needs. ▪ Helps them sleep through the Moro reflex.

▪ Can be wrapped with arms-in or out

▪ Eases swaddle-transition to the Zen Sack Safety:

▪ Applies gentle pressure that is tested for breathing safety

▪ Adheres to all known CPSC safety requirements

▪ Tested for suffocation hazard, pulmonologist verified

▪ Hip-healthy. Does not hinder mobility

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Customer Reviews

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Favourite swaddles for new babies

We bought the nested bean swaddle for our first born & used it for our second baby as well. Excellent quality & so easy to use. Our babies loved these!!